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Our Story

I'm Carly, the founder of Redeemed Recovery. When I was pregnant with my first little one, Evie, I had no idea what my body would go through in labor and birth. What a beautiful, painful, vulnerable & miraculous thing it was. I was finally holding my little girl in my arms and even the sheer bliss of a fresh newborn on my chest didn't stop me from realizing the dramatic ways my body had been impacted by birth. As a nurse wheeled me out of the hospital in a wheelchair with my baby in my arms I thought to myself, "Wait, you want me to go home and take care of this tiny baby? But I can barely walk, I'm bleeding and wearing a diaper just like my baby!" Thus, Redeemed Recovery was born. 

Redeemed Recovery is all about mom. A box full of postpartum essentials. Not the "feel good" stuff like candles, essential oils, chocolates, and wine (Don't get me wrong I'm all about a fresh linen scented candle). But I'm talking the stuff you really need- a peri bottle, postpartum panties, ice packs, stool softeners and more. These are the items I was either grateful that I already had on hand or that my husband had to run out and get. Caring for a newborn takes an intense amount of physical and emotional energy. Redeemed Recovery provides care for mom so she can care for her precious little one. 

Every new mom deserves postpartum essentials so she can rest, heal, recover & care for her precious little one. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Redeemed Recovery provides new moms with the postpartum essentials needed to physically heal & recover so she can focus on confidently caring for her new little one. 

Mother and Baby on Floor
Mother Holding Baby Finger

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every new mom in the Columbus area flourish because they have the care and support they need to take on the life-changing role of becoming a mom. 

Help Bring Healing to a New Mom Today!

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